Here are pix of the house on University designed by HOMETEC.  

Front of house

Front of the house

side of house

Outside the dining room, courtyard deck with benches

The interior designers did a lovely job – I really like the tile work.  The pictures of the kitchen and the bathroom tile don’t convey the subtlety of their tones.  The colors of the rooms are very bold, not for everyone, but still, the entire house feels warm and inviting and I even sat in the backyard by the fountain for about an hour while Rick talked with guests and answered lots of questions about the original floorplan and the whys and wherefores of the design. 

Living room

Living room, those arched windows are original to the house

Of course, not EVerything turned out exactly like the drawings but, then, that’s the price one pays for being part of a team.   Being a ‘project house’ for a magazine meant that the builder, DeMattei Construction, had to have a larger team in on the process than usual.  DeMattei’s people always do good work, though, and it shows in this house.

veggie garden

Veggie garden in the front yard, tomatoes are already a good size.

Instead of grass lawns, there are pavers and gravel pathways and a vegetable garden, along with a tiny grassy area.  The outside spaces are gorgeous and tailor-made for entertaining.  Invite me!  Invite me!

The house has already sold – isn’t that a lovely pat on the back for those involved.  And, I heard the new buyers even bought the furniture…nice…  

kitchen tiles

Gorgeous tilework

Rick doesn’t always get the chance to take pictures of a house after its done AND the landscaping is in AND the interior furnishings are pristine and fabulous, so this opportunity was a rarity and much appreciated.

THEY have a fountain

This is where I spent an hour...lovely...