Not sure if Rick or my cousin, Celeste, took this picture of a chef carving a melon

Its not easy to write up a blog – even one as prolific as I am.   I’m in the process of writing a few posts, you know, adding ideas here and there…and they keep getting hijacked.

I start the post on one thing and by the time I’m done, its gone in a completely different direction which is irritating.  Sometimes, I’ve completely lost my point (and don’t you dare say that its totally normal for me, regardless of how true it is).  I hit ‘save’ and figure I’ll come back to it.   Then I start on a new subject and again end up in random directions >sigh<

I’m working on a post about trees – how hard can that be?  And another on the value of quality and the real thing – you’d think that would be easy, too.  But, no, they twist and turn around the subject and finally end gasping for breath without actually getting to their point.   Hmmm…do I need more sleep?  another drink?  more fiber in my diet? 

...and if the carver boo-boos, he has to try to turn it into something else or he has start all over with another melon

I’m probably trying to say too much…need to split the post into multiple ones.  

Well, with that said, I’ll go back to work on that post on trees.

hmmm, wonder what my friends are doing on FB?

gotta check email one more time…and search for Chuck Norris on Google…