What in tarnation?

Uh, no points for creativity…


Is there a deck in the plans at some point?

This website – www.ThereIFixedIt.com – is filled with hilarious pictures of kludges – some of which are quite ingenious.  Here are a few of those that relate to the home-improvement (?) world. 

Won't last in earthquake country!

At least there is an access chair...

Hood seems kinda low, but I guess that's one drawback of using jacks.

This is what you get when staying cool is more important than, well, than common sense, obviously!

It may be inelegant but this is ingenious!

Maybe cheaper than poking a hole in the roof, but the heat loss in winter will be rather severe!


This is cute as a button and they said it works!


This house, in Cambria, CA, was built in response to (or retaliation for) Hearst Castle.

Crazy!   😉