I love the site ‘There, I fixed it!’  www.thereifixedit.com  Its amazing what some people will do, the ingenuity they have to get the job done.  Sometimes, you wonder if its a form of genepool reduction since the fixes are hazardous, let alone uh-gly!

Bursting at the seams!

So, I’m wondering what these people have collected that would pop their house open like an edemame pod!

Central air fix...

Wouldn’t it be simpler to get a little fan?

I'm speechless!

Simply speechless!

Trashbags have multiple uses.

Whatever works!  As long as they can get clean!

Actually helpful.

When we installed our towel bars, the dust went all over the floor…this looks like a good idea, to me!

Star Wars homage

This is just creepy…not my favorite part of the movie!

So much work for such a little space!

Makes you wonder what people are thinking when they put stuff together like this.

Probably oughta check this guy's license.

Warning, if someone you hire does this…they aren’t qualified for the job!  And if YOU are doing this?!?  You aren’t either…

See, you can find unique uses for all sorts of things.