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Do you remember making Pilgrim hats and aprons in grade school?   Creating Native American headdresses?  Did you have a potluck in class, like we did?

It was  a great way to remember what brought about the first Thanksgiving.   The first Thanksgiving feast shared by the English colonists and the Wampanoag to celebrate the first successful harvest in 1621.  Ever wonder who came over on the Mayflower?  This site has a list of the passengers and crewmembers:   plus interesting info about Pilgrims and books about the voyage, the Native Americans, historic and modern Plymouth.

yay for toilet-paper-roll-crafts!

partially built Pilgrim-style house

Think how brave these people were. Would you have the temerity to give up everything you know and travel 2 months by ship (and I don’t mean Royal Caribbean!) to a new land? Would you have the courage to greet and befriend newcomers to your land who dress and talk very differently than you? Not some random person walking up to you and asking for directions – someone who is setting up camp in your front yard!    Without the help of the Wampanoag, the colonists would not have survived.  

When the colonists built their homes they didn’t have the luxury of popping over to the local ACE Hardware store (ACE is the place with the helpful hardware…person).  They had to fell trees, plane wooden boards and forge their own nails.  If they broke something they either had to go without it, create a new one or find something that would do in its place. 

Don't gotta be pretty, just gotta work...

 For all the times we poke fun at the strange fixes shown on the website , there is a lot of ingenuity demonstrated in those pictures. 

I hope you are able to treat Thanksgiving with the reverence it deserves.  Look around you and see what is truly important – or, rather, who.

These past couple of years have removed a lot of a chaff from our lives. It doesn’t matter that our 401(k) was decimated and our savings drained when the economy tanked. We sold all our toys (and were thankful we had them to sell) in order to survive.  We are fortunate to have gas in the car, a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and the kids are healthy. 

Happy Thanksgiving  😉