Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. 

Try jumping rope half-heartedly, you’ll end up sprawled on the ground with your feet tangled up in the rope.   

 Half-baked isn’t good, either.  Here’s a half-baked paint job. 

  Ever been to a craft fair and discovered a booth for someone who has no business ‘crafting’ anything?  Look at this fantastic craft to make ‘wood carrots’.  Its some wooden tree parts painted orange…not very carrot-looking to me!


I and a friend once made clutch purses out of placemats…and they looked just like folded placemats.  And everyone who looked at them said exactly that.  Not our proudest craft attempt.

 Here are some pictures of homes for sale.  Laughable pictures of homes for sale.  Not much effort was put into taking the pictures. 

I love these pictures of bathrooms – can you tell what’s odd about them?


And, how about these next pictures?  What can you tell about the house?  Not much.


Why take pictures of a mess?  Take a moment and straighten the room up a bit?  What does that say about the person taking the picture?  Lazy bones!  After all the agent selling the house gets paid, they can darn well pick up a little!

Here's a filing cabinet and an egg crate pad thingy.


Here's a lovely picture of the furniture shoved into the wall.

When Rick took pictures of a house for me, I went ahead of him and moved things out of the way that would distract from the picture – like a big vase in the foreground or bottles of water sitting on the table.  I didn’t shove all the furniture into a corner and then take a picture!  At least put the toilet seat down! 

How about random pictures of ladders? 

Oh, and these backyards are so inviting…

Is that...plywood? carpet? all over the yard?

One of my fave movies is Swamp Thing!

Look at all the extra storage! Makes me want to run right out and get a tetanus shot!


"Comes with a backyard suitable for hanging laundry"


I hope your holidays are merry and that these pictures give you a good Ho-Ho-Ho!  😉