Cute original front with no hint of the mongo addition behind it.

We’ve had a couple calls recently from people who made the same mistake.  They each purchased a property without enough research.

One guy, let’s call him Clint, meet with Rick to discuss plans to demo the house and build a new custom home.  No can do, buddy, you live in a historic neighborhood where houses must maintain their historic integrity – at least from the front.   Meaning that Clint can do a huge addition to the back of the house, but he must keep the front of the house looking as cute as it did the day it was built.  Surprise!  He was so disappointed.

Rendering showing the 1700sf addition. Plus the software lets us zoom in and all around, cool.

The 2nd guy, his name is, um, Wagner, he bought his property at an auction and called to ask about the existing plans for a new house.  Turns out that the Planning Application has expired and he has to start almost from scratch to get approval to build a new home.  He didn’t ever call the City to ask about this property.  Its gonna cost him an extra tens of thousands of dollars and, maybe 6-9 extra months of mortgage payments to get this approval.

Please pay attention!  If you are buying property, do a little research before signing your name on the dotted line!  Go down to the City or County and ask to talk to a Planner about the property.  Some cities will even allow you to find out about permit history for the property online. 

Don’t expect your real estate agent to do this on your behalf, its not her job.  Find out if a property is viable for the type of project you have in mind.  The ultimate responsibility is yours.  You can sue anyone you want, but you’ll still be the one with ‘FAIL’ stamped on your forehead.  😉