Every year my sister and I exchange Christmas stockings and also give one to our mother.

It began years ago when she and I decided, as teenagers, to give our parents gifts from Santa as a surprise.  I can’t recall what we gave them, other than some gardening gloves for my dad.  They were completely blown away by it.

I used to buy things over the course of the year to give as gifts and stocking stuffers but the busier I got at work, the less prepared I was for Christmas – which isn’t all that bad a thing these days thanks to the awesome power of the internet and brick-and-mortar places like the Container Store and World Market.

This is what my sis gave me in my stocking this year!

Bountiful treaure!

Bountiful treaure!

Fun packaging tape; fancy soaps in wrapping too lovely to rip open; a reusable sleeve for my occassional coffeehouse splurges; tubes of lip balm cuz I’m addicted to it; pretty gift tags which I will put safely away with the rest of the Christmas wrapping paper and yet not find next year when I need them…

Mmmm, peppermint!

Mmmm, peppermint!


garbage disposal freshener marbles which I am pretty sure is not a comment on my kitchen – pretty sure, anyway; cheap-and-gaudy-and-fun earrings cuz I lovelovelove earrings; a magnet clip for the fridge – she finds the cutest ones – here’s one she gave me years ago before I ever lived on the Delta…

I'm lucky alright!

I’m lucky alright!

A tripley-regifted package of Starbucks Peppermint Mocha which has finally found its forever home and excuse me while I go fix me a cuppa; an aqua flower with bristles – is it a bath scrubby? A kitchen scrubby?

Scrubby for an as-yet- unknown purpose

Scrubby for an as-yet- unknown purpose

and a perfect little cloth bag with a pattern of beachy huts and palm trees which I suspect she might have made as she is talented that way.

Oh, and here is the stocking all this bounty came in!  One of a trio of baskets she picked up at an estate sale for ten bucks!

The middle one...

The middle one…

Every year she outdoes herself!

Every year I look forward to opening the stocking and seeing all the fun items.  My sister is a gifted giver of gifts.  In fact, she is a terrific sister in all possible ways.

I hope you have someone in your life who loves you like my sister loves me.  And I hope you love someone like that,

too 😉