Last weekend we got the area ready for the drywall people.

The insulation is in and the electrical wiring is updated/moved/augmented – or rather, the other way around!  Can’t do electrical stuff very easily if the insulation is in the way.

I am a perfect helper!  I stand and wait for Rick to say ‘hand me those pliers, blue tape, wrench, power stapler’!  I say:

“I have one job on this lousy ship….” GalaxyQuest is one of my fave movies!!

I am also at the ready to get this bundle un-caught from the many places it finds to get trapped:


The cord is just the right length to get snagged on everything within reach.


Stapling insulation into place


I’m holding a rod that is holding the insulation in place for Rick to staple it


This is a $30 valve for the water supply to the fridge ice-maker.  Rick tried valiantly to save $30 by doing something else but ended up doing this anyway.  Goof…


Cooking chicken teriyaki meatballs on the George Foreman Grill!   These are the leftovers…

Tomorrow the drywall’ers will begin their work, which will taken about 5 days, then the cabinets can be installed!  Oh, pooh, and I haven’t even picked the counter tops yet!!

On a side note:  We had a huge swarm of bees at work last week!  I walked into our back entry and saw a lot of bees bouncing against the windows.  I was, like, what the heck?!?  I looked outside and saw this monstrous cloud of them all circling around a tree and also meandering around everywhere else.  They came in through the open back door and an office window (its an old crank window that opens outward and doesn’t have a screen, if you really want to know).  I was going around catching them in a paper cup and releasing them back into the wild.   They’re bees, not spiders which deserve to be swooped up into a kleenex and flushed down the potty until they are dead……but I digress…

One of our clients is a beekeeper.  He called some of his family to come take the hive.  Its sitting on top of our compost bin waiting for the queen to gather her worker bees to their new home, then the whole kit n kaboodle will be taken to their new ‘forever home’.  awwww…


Such good little drones – following their queen wherever she goes.