Once again its ‘into the fray’ of a remodel.  The kitchen is the victim, er, beneficiary, this time.

The kitchen cabinets had been painted white from their original dark brown.  The counters are bumpy beige tile.  Which isn’t bad in and of itself.  I might have actually chosen that tile in a past life but the ultra-wide dark brown nasty-looking grout has got to go.  Chips, cracks, missing pieces, chunks glued back into place, yeah, that’s a sign the tile has lived past its useful life.

The cabinets screech when you open them and they were made with wood processed with chemicals that are illegal now because they eventually put out unhealthy gases and smell dank and musty.  I have scented candles in every one of them.  The first few months after we moved in I placed jars of vinegar inside them, which was supposed to help reduce the odor, ugh.


The divided enamel sink has chips, scars and rust and the bowls are too small to fit my skillet in it – in them…but skillet in it was more fun to say.

The floor is a lovely beigy yellowy pinky browny flowery thing.  I think it was still in perfect condition until we put the fridge back after painting the room, then we ripped it.  Oh, bother!

Rick has been contemplating a new kitchen for quite awhile.  Its that old domino effect we keep talking about.  Besides the tired cabinets and floor, the windows leak air and need to be replaced – the patio door also scrapes like fingernails down a chalkboard (one of my absolute favorite sounds of all time) and the fridge is on the water side of the kitchen, blocking a pretty fine view.


View from our back deck – that’s Ms Maggie, our 34′ trawler.  Don’t look at the poor pontoon boat, that’s yet another project to be done.

So, once you decide to replace the windows and patio door, you look at the fridge and think, what a stupid place for a fridge in a home with a view.  So you want to move the fridge but there isn’t another spot for it unless you move something else and then that keeps on going until, Voila, you’ve redone the entire kitchen!

And that doesn’t include the ceiling work.  The kitchen ceiling is low with one of those modern grids of fluorescent lights behind brittle and yellowed plastic panels.  Modern for 1980, anyway.  Rick wants to vault that entire kitchen ceiling like the living room.  That’s my man, never one to go 1/2 way!




A few weekends ago we took plans to a cabinet shop in Brentwood, Precision Cabinets…more on that process later.

Last weekend I packed up all (or most) of the kitchen that we won’t need during the project.   I kept out 1 skillet, 1 larger and 1 smaller pot.  I have a George Foreman grill that my mom gave me awhile ago and we have an outdoor BBQ.  We also have a quesadilla maker and a waffle maker and a popcorn maker and 2 crock pots (yes, I often use 2 at a time) those are going into storage!  Well, I’m keeping one of the crock pots at the ready.

Some of the utensils stay out and the rest of them go into storage – spoons, spatulas, mashers, peelers, graters, did you know I have 2 wine bottle openers?  I didn’t.  Only need 1 of those.  We’ll be doing dishes in the bathtub, oh, joy.




All my ‘good’ dishes go into storage, most of the forks, spoons and such.  All of the crystal wineglasses, I’m keeping out two plastic palm tree wineglasses (ha!).  Enough coffee mugs to feed (beverage?) an army all go into storage.


I don’t need a ‘banana saver’

You know what’s gonna happen, right?  I’ll never get most of those items OUT of storage.  I’ll decide I didn’t need them for that long, so I’ll get rid of them!  Maybe its just a hope that I can downsize some…

The kitchen stuff we need to keep on hand will go in bins or baskets on shelving in one of the bedrooms, so convenient!

We bought our appliances about 18 months ago.  So that’s keeping our costs down this year, spreading out the financial pain over a few years.   And when we had the floors done before we moved in, we bought enough of the product to do the kitchen floors, too!  That’s thinking ahead!

Two bedrooms are now an embarrassment of boxes piled up.  This weekend we’ll put down the protection for the existing wood floor and tarp off the rooms getting messy from the rooms that aren’t in a valiant, but probably vain, attempt to keep them dust free.  We’ll move the dining room table and appliances out to the garage or…somewhere…and the fridge goes…um…somewhere, also, but accessible.  I think the hardest thing for us, honestly, will be to do without the icemaker.  And when I say ‘us’ I mean ‘Rick’.  He’s a crazy person when it comes to ice.


This has been on our fridge for about 30 years!

The actual demo of the old cabinets, ceiling, walls, floor, windows (yikes) won’t begin for about 3 weeks but we’re getting things ready early so we aren’t stressed later – see how smart we are!  I’m almost breaking my arm from patting myself on the back!

I know you want to see how ‘professionals’ deal with home projects of their own.  We didn’t even bother to get quotes from multiple cabinet shops.  We just went to 1 place.  I think our biggest shopping nightmare will be to find the counter tops…I figure if I just don’t change anything I won’t have to live with a possibly wrong decision…what a baby I am.

I’ve made wrong decisions before.  I know, you wonder, seeing me and where we live and the fabulous office building where we work, how that could be possible (ha!).  Some rooms have been painted too darn light because I was afraid of going too dark.  Other things are too boring because I was afraid of bold.  Plus, you have to choose cabinets without having them in the house to look at for awhile first!  A picture or sample of a cabinet door isn’t enough.  But, unless you have scads of money to pay someone build you a mockup, that’s what happens.

Therefore, I went with my heart.  What did I really want to see in my kitchen?  The cabinets are nekkid maple.  Well, the true name is ‘maple clear’.  I want light and airy and open.  Our flooring is a busy wood grain and I figured dark cabinets would pull your eye away from the windows.  I don’t want the cabinets to be the focal point of the house.  Am I right?  I dunno, we’ll have to see.  But I didn’t chicken out this time, I went with my heart 😉