Today is Monday.  The wind has picked up and the outside layer of plastic across the openings has been ballooning in and out since its installation late Saturday.  I’ve put chairs against both sides to try and keep the edges from ripping.  So far, so good.  The windows might be installed tomorrow, so the tarp only needs to hold for another 36 hours’ish.  Best laid plans and all that jazz, right?


This was the sky on Saturday…darkness was headed our way!  Rain for sure!


Flimsy barrier against the weather

I’m going in to the office soon and Rick will be at the house til Wednesday night.  He’ll put in a full day of work Thursday, meetings mostly, and then back to it on Friday.  Lots to do on all fronts!


Nasty insulation.  Itchy but not carcinogenic asbestos.

We hired 2 guys from People Ready to demo, and they were here Saturday and 1 is back for the rest of the week.  We’ve got 1 framer from PR here today through Friday…hoping that the house is then fully enclosed and we can work on electrical, drywall, floors, and suchlike over the next 3 weeks until the cabinets get installed.  There will still be work to do after than.  We estimate we won’t be finished until the end of May.


Joe, Ben and Rick

Its been cold – not East Coast cold, thank heaven –  and we’ve been going through firewood like mad.  We’re consuming our own house, well, the old one, anyway.  The wood is so dry there’s hardly any ash and it burns fast.  Its supposed to warm up this week with no rain, so that’s helpful.


Nails and all into the fireplace…

I cooked chicken & prosciutto tortellini on side burner of the BBQ grill on Saturday and fixed salads.  Sunday was pizza, comfort food for Rick after busting his butt all day on Saturday.  Lovely day of rest for him yesterday, although he kept saying he should do SOMEthing…he was pretty pooped, so he ended up puttering around.


Piano nicely protected, fridge in the living room, extra storage UNDER the piano for patio furniture cushions and pillows…

Did the dishes in the bathroom yesterday…it worked out fine!  Except for the ‘don’t anyone use this bathroom until the dishes are dry and put away!’ thing.  I can only handle doing dishes in the bathroom if no one is actually using the bathroom for its intended purpose.  Otherwise…ewwww.  The sink is large enough for rinsing and I’ve got a big plastic bin for hot, soapy water.   I’m pouring out the old dishwater over some geranium plants that I don’t like.  Let’s just see how hardy they are…nothing else seems to kill them.

I was going to buy a dish drainer until Rick remembered that there had been a little one on our boat, Ms Maggie – blog for Ms Maggie is here – and I’d put it in the Salvation Army box but had been too lazy to take the box over there.

Kudos to me for being a slowpoke!

The drywall and siding is removed, the windows and doors are gone, old linoleum and particle board is being dug off the subfloor as we speak – as I type, that is.


Backbreaking work…this is George – he’ll be doing more of what he’s been hired to do (framing things) when Rick gets back from Lowe’s.

There were 3 loads of cr*p hauled to the dump/recycling yesterday.  So much detritus!  Nothing reusable because of the age of the windows – they are all single-pane.  Not good for energy saving, at all.  The cabinets were smelly, so no good for reuse there, either.   The only thing we’re keeping is what we can burn…that sounds weird.  We hired TM Hauling out of Brentwood and he and his partner did a great job.  They’ll be back on Saturday to haul more for us and for our neighbor, too.


Everything plus the kitchen sink!

It feels weird not to be helping the guys with their work.  I’m so used to pitching in.  This time, though, I’d be a hindrance, so better that I keep out of the way.  I’m helping more by doing nothing…that’s a pathetic statement.  Now I really feel useless 😉


Kitchen ceiling before…ugly fluorescent light box


There’s a vaulted ceiling up there!  Lo!  And behold!